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from Skinny Ms.

5 Ways Lifting Weights is Essential to Your Health

I like my weights heavy and my squats down low

If it doesn't scare you, it isn't heavy enough. Weightlifting Inspiration and motivation

Heavy Squats boost overall body muscle growth. When you put heavy weight on your back (with good form, of course) it activates your central nervous system and triggers muscle growth everywhere. Kind of funny, but if you add heavy Squats to your weekly strength training, you’ll notice strength gains in all of your other lifts too. Great lift!

Lift Heavy | Be Strong #gym #motivation

from Burpees for Breakfast

learning to love lifting

Women who lift heavy!

"Squats are like life. It's about standing up when something heavy tries to keep you down." #Fitness #Humour

from Women's Health

Exactly How to Lift Heavy Weights to Sculpt Muscle and Get Seriously Strong

7 reasons women should lift weights Many women focus on cardio workouts as the path to losing weight and getting fit. While cardio is an important part of a balanced fitness routine, you shouldn’t skip the weights. Lifting weights can have great benefits for health, weight loss and well-being for women. Here are 7 reasons … Continue reading Strong looks good on you

Couples that workout together, stay together! Yessss!!! Just me and him sweating and working together towards something with no kids interrupting....yea it's an amazing date everyday and oh so freakin hot ;D <3

Yessss - now when ppl ask me why, I'll show them this :D