Daylilies are many gardeners' favorite plants. They are dependable perennials, they are prolific and colorful bloomers, and they are relatively free of pests. Daylilies are tolerant of drought and flooding, immune to heat stress, tolerant of most soils and grow well in full sun or light shade.

Balloon flowers are so unique. They blossoms look like small balloons before they open.

Coreopsis Moonbeam = Superb choice for the front of the border and containers. Creamy yellow flowers take the heat and bloom faithfully all summer. 18" wide plants are tolerant to most soils. Looks great with most annuals and perennials. Attracts Butterflies.

Allium aflatunense Allium aflatunense features big, spiky flower heads packed with purple blossoms on thick stems in late spring. It grows 30 inches tall. Zones 4-8

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