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For 40 years the American Music Awards have celebrated two things: the best-selling acts in music and the average TV viewer's tolerance for watching several hours of pop medleys. In that sense, 2012 was all about keeping tradition alive, and the special anniversary broadcast featured frequent flashbacks to the four decades of TV moments that came before. Did clips featuring the likes of Michael Jackson and Beyonce and Whitney Houston upstage the 2012 edition of the show? Check out some of…

Passengers Full Movie Download: Fighting with Gravity in First Video http://filmilifes.blogspot.com/2016/11/passengers-full-movie-download-fighting.html

Clippy- This energetic virtual paper clip came preinstalled in Microsoft Office bundles from 1997-2003. While designed to be a helpful office assistant, Clippy proved both intrusive and assumptive, popping up unprompted with statements like “Hey! It looks like you’re writing a letter!” oh man I hated clippy so much. But I liked the kitty. The kitty would curl up and sleep while I wrote.

Persuaders Theme, The by John Barry (Prendergast) Brett Sinclair & Danny Wilde (remember them?) star in the TV series The Persuaders

Cry Baby - As you know John Waters is more than campy, this movie is one of his more "watchable" films...lol! It's tacky, wacky & crude. :D

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