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Matematica e Arte / Math and Art ; The unexpected math behind Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Wuzzit? Digital Math Games in Elementary Classrooms - YouTube

Episode 1. Introduction: This preview introduces revolutionary ideas and heroes from Copernicus to Newton, and links the physics of the heavens and the earth...

Ascoltare dati / Heavenly sounds: hearing-astronomical data can lead to scientific insights

Faith and Science 2010 - YouTube

From Matt Damon's recent hit, The Martian, through to Interstellar, Gravity and long-running favourite, Star Trek, Hollywood is obsessed with science fiction...

Who Invented Time? - Factomania - Brit Lab - YouTube

Tom Clynes: "The Boy Who Played with Fusion" | Talks at Google - YouTube

Eric Lander: The Genesis of Genius - YouTube

Phil Kesten: "Physics of Star Trek" | Talks at Google - YouTube