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Photo (The Good Vibe)

In this world of social media and tooting our own horns to get the competative edge, this is important to remember

Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

oooh I like this! Sometimes you just have to unfriend or unsubscribe from those who have nothing better to do with their time than to belittle others. I feel sorry for those people. Especially those who have never been given a reason to be so unloving and unkind to others. Be careful who you call your friend. They just might be wolves in sheep's clothing. What's sad is when they don't realize a good friend when they "had" one.

In a marriage remember.. dont expect one side to always be strong if the other fails to prioritize the bond of love and cherish. Harsh words, harah actions, break in trust.. if both sides do not carry their part in love and cherish it WILL fail.

Everything Love (The Good Vibe)

A great relationship is about two things: Appreciating the similarities, Respecting the difference!!! A relationship needs both equal equality and respect in honesty, dedication, (trust), and commitment, etc.. Pin by Gerard the Gman :-))