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Pope Brings Peace Message to Central African Republic

Flanked by Vatican bodyguards in flak jackets and machine-gun-toting U.N. peacekeepers, Pope Francis plunged Sunday into the Central African Republic.

18. Denuncia la pena capital y brutalidad de la policía.

Amen I'm thankful for all the many blessings that he have placed upon me. Lord I thank you.

Transition Voice: "Jesus, Pioneer of Voluntary Poverty" - on simple living as modeled and exhorted by Jesus in the Gospels (and as lived by early Christians)

Scissortail SILK | Becky Thompson » Encouragement for Today >>> Hope for Tomorrow

Papa: perdão e doação; pilares da convivência fraterna

Il coraggio di guardare il cielo: Consacrazione del mondo alla Divina Misericordia

Story coming out of Vatican City this morning about a special Papal blessing bestowed upon Asia, a very lucky Golden Retriever, who is a service dog for Italian journalist Alessandro Forlani. Mr. Forlani was the last journalist to be on stage with the Holy Father. He asked for a blessing for his wife and daughter, but was surprised when Pope Francis chose to give the blessing to Asia instead. Four paws up and a tail wags for Pope Francis for being a kindred spirit to our four-legged friends!

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Amazing Achievements made by Pope Francis

Even Pope Francis is evolving on LGBT rights. Let's be honest, though, the Catholic church has a long way to go toward full equality. The Pope Francis quote isn't going to end persecution of the LGBT community in Catholicism. Still, it's a big deal for the Pope to say what he did considering how anti-LGBT the Catholic church has been. It's a start--and lets hope the first of many changes from the Catholic church.