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Cafes: What makes a 3rd place? Chairs in a circle to encourage interaction - Aroma coffee shop 2.jpg (420×279)

Interior furniture for the 3rd place: Colours and comfortable chairs - living_tower_vitra_verner_panton_1969_visiona_2__28391_zoom.jpg (1100×1100)

Concept: THE 3rd SPACE - A Low Profile Third Places are characteristically wholesome. The inside of a Third Place is without extravagance or grandiosity, and has a homely feel. Third Places are never snobby or pretentious, and are accepting of all types of individuals, from several different walks of life.

Home: What makes a 1st place? -Comfortable offices offhome-chair-7.jpg (520×448)

3rd space: Creating comfortable environment - Rocking Chair Design Ideas unique and romantic the Markus Krauss

3rd spaces: Modernising the design for soundproofing sticking with the white theme - - Expo Design

natural-history-eric-klarenbeek-th_2c807d.jpg (450×450)