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This explains Democratic Party philosophy fairly accurately... and liberals... "pro-choicers"... "politically correct" and naive (socially and personally unsophisticated) do-gooders... gun control proponents... "global warming" believers... etc...

from NY Daily News

Trump fans want to repeal women's 19th Amendment right to vote

After all the insults to women by Trump, the reported attacks by Trump on women and the degrading statements by Trump about women the solution by the Trump people is to not have women vote. The future of things to come if Trump is elected.

Millenials Vote: Democrats vs Republicans

Millenials Vote: Democrats vs Republicans

This pisses me off!! Once again, we are offered 2 people totally unqualified as our next President. We are voting for the lesser of two evils! I will NOT vote for Hilbitchery. She is evil personified. I will NEVER forget Benghazi!!!! Therefore, I am voting for Trump.....the lesser of the 2 evils offered.

AFL-CIO Thug Leader: “I Don’t Know What The Difference Is Between A Socialist And A Democrat”…

No one, man or woman, young or old should put down other people to make themselves feel powerful or more important

Democrats...using and abusing for 50 years

Media made this up to try to bring him down. They want a socialist society therefore they can't have him in office.

"The press is in open campaign mode for Hillary Clinton, pulling out all the stops and relinquishing any claim to being real journalists." Dinesh D'Souza ~ Order Hillary's America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party ~ The most important movie you'll see before you vote. ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty