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Preach it, Sheriff Clarke!

Sheriff David Clarke, our Second Amendment supporter!

Obama may overreach his power given given to him but HE WON'T TAKE OUR GUN!!!! (Any govt. who takes away the peoples right to defend themselves us up to NO GOOD!)

BREAKING : Sheriff Clarke Calls for Nationwide Concealed Carry in all 50 States – TruthFeed 1/6/17

Sheriff Blasts Obama for Taking the ‘Lazy’ Way Out on Ferguson Police Shootings - A sane voice in the midst of the race-baiters takes the president to task! David Clarke, an African-American sheriff for Milwaukee County, WI, spoke with Fox News’ Megan Kelly. He admonished our nation’s leaders for lack of leadership in the crisis.

Sheriff Clarke Notes It Was The Force of The Second Amendment Which Freed The Slaves.http://rickwells.us/archives/27151

Actor Gary Sinise Demands Obama ANSWER for Men Who Died to Save ‘Deserter’ Bergdahl - See more at: http://www.teaparty.org/actor-gary-sinise-demands-obama-answer-men-died-save-deserter-bergdahl-91284/#sthash.gjicZqxD.dpuf

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