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M A D E O F R O C K #chrisherzog #creek #river #clear #water #wasser #rock #fluss #verzasca #wasser #naturephotography #schweiz #suisse #switzerland #blickheimat #tessin #ticino i

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4084a - t / 39c DC Comics Super Heroes Set of 20 Artcraft 2006 First Day Covers

Set Includes: 4084a Superman / 4084b Green Lantern / 4084c Wonder Woman / 4084d Green Arrow / 4084e Batman / 4084f The Flash / 4084g Plastic Man / 4084h Aquaman / 4084i Supergirl / 4084j Hawkman / 4084k Superman Comic Cover / 4084l Green Lantern Comic Cover / 4084m Wonder Woman Comic Cover / 4084n Green Arrow Comic Cover / 4084o Batman Comic Cover / 4084p The Flash Comic Cover / 4084q Plastic Man Comic Cover / 4084r Aquaman Comic Cover / 4084s Supergirl Comic Cover / 4084t Hawkman Comic…

// b a b y b l a n k e t s p e r f e c t i o n // 🌿. Big words - but these are so soooo perfectly soft with their cashmere blend and the pattern is just the perfect combination of classic pearl knit and that a-mazing double cable knit border . Yes, very happy to introduce these 🙏🏻💕. #shirleybredal #babyblanket #cashmere #knittedblanket #handloom #babytæppe #såfint #såstolt #nordicknits

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F 2 1 • p l a i d w o o l j a c k e t

F 2 1 • p l a i d w o o l j a c k e t w e l c o m e t o m y c l o s e t Forever 21 wool plaid jacket with zipper details EUC - worn 1x, no flaws. Color: Navy/gray. Measurements available upon request. All reasonable offers welcomed. question/unsure? let's talk. 💌same day or next day shipping Thanks for looking👀, liking👍, and sharing💕 Forever 21 Jackets & Coats

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3068a-t / 32c Atlanta '96 Summer Olympics Set of 20 Fleetwood 1996 FDCs

Set Includes: 3068a Decathlon / 3068b Men's Canoeing / 3068c Women's Running / 3068d Women's Diving / 3068e Men's Cycling / 3068f Freestyle Wrestling / 3068g Women's Gymnastics / 3068h Women's Sailboarding / 3068i Men's Shot Put / 3068j Women's Soccer / 3068k Beach Volleyball / 3068l Men's Rowing / 3068m Men's Sprinting Events / 3068n Women's Swimming / 3068o Women's Softball / 3068p Men's Hurdles / 3068q Men's Swimming / 3068r Men's Gymnastics / 3068s Equestrian and 3068t Men's Basketball…

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4159a - t / 41c Marvel Comics Super Heroes 2007 Set of 20 Artcraft FDC

Set Includes: 4159a Spider-Man / 4159b The Hulk / 4159c Sub-Mariner / 4159d The Thing / 4159e Captain America / 4159f Silver Surfer / 4159g Spider-Woman / 4159h Iron Man / 4159i Elektra / 4159j Woverine / 4159k The Amazing Spider-Man cover / 4159l The Incredible Hulk cover / 4159m Sub-Mariner cover / 4159n The Fantastic Four cover / 4159o Captain America cover / 4159p The Silver Surfer cover / 4159q Marvel Spotlight on The Spider-Woman cover / 4159r Iron…

The Heavens 0510 HD, 4K Space Stock Footage

The sunset was a brilliant one when I visited CKS Memorial Hall. We had a sunny weekend but I did not get chance to snap a shot. Maybe next week. 週末夕陽好像都還不錯,我卻懶懶沒衝,希望下週有機會衝一下。 PS. 標題出自唐代,賈島的「光州王建使君水亭作」。 ~自由廣場, 中正紀念堂, 台北市 C.K.S. Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan - ISO 100, F20, 1/30~0.5 sec (5 shots HDR), 16 mm - Canon 5D Mark III with EF 16-35 mm f/2.8 L lens - Sunset @ 6.04pm (276º) / Shot @ 5.52pm - Visibility 20km @ 5.45pm / Humidity 59% @ 6.00pm

#K-12 #PODCAST The Off Farm Income Podcast OFI 193: Have Unparalleled Success! Work For Free | FFA SAE Edition | Ashley Yanego | Strasburg High School FFA LISTEN... https://podDVR.COM/?c=e1c28d83-b9b6-4f5d-03d9-111f2e92a783