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NOLA GET NOTES FROM GEOFF TATES BOARD I ACCIDENTLY PINNED IT THERE!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET. Infanta - Steampunk Lolita. THis seriously happened? O.o please excuse me while I go clean out my closet to make room.

Now personaly im not a fan of working with a nerf maverick , couse lets face it everyone has them and its no longer unique couse most also just look pretty much the same ....... Unless its this thing over here ... Now THATS a good maverick mod

A really cool Steampunk gun - could probably make by getting cheap toys guns at thrift store and painting and embellishing. Description from I searched for this on

Cosplay Sword & Painting Tutorial <3

mercy cosplay 3 <3

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Ardsami Cosplay <3

Nature headdress, like the pantaloons. Interesting idea for chest armor. Wao, definately inspired me to put together my own outfit.