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Afterworld Episode 43 - Control Group

Thoth - Thoth's other names include Djehuty, Jehuti, Tahuti, Tehuti, Zehuti, Techu, or Tetu, Lord of the Khemenu. #Egypt

Ice palace in a faraway land. #fantasy setting inspiration

from Cult of Weird

Photo: Victorian-era spiritualist

Victorian spiritualist promo photo

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Egyptian god Thoth has many function and many powers. He is the moon god, the inventor of writing and science , the protector of scribes , the master of knowledge,the divine messenger and book keeper.In the afterworld, he is responsible for the proper weighing of hearts and he writes down the verdict on the sacred scriptures.He is sometimes depicted as an ibis and sometimes as a baboon. Cult Center: Eshmunen or Hermopolis.Other Names: Tehuti.