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Post Caps - Neds Pipe and Steel tire of those wasps in your gates and fences? these caps are the easy fix for it. wont have to worry about it!

An Eclectic Beach Cottage

A simple arch (with gate!) leading into the deer-proof garden, with much longer pickets of the fence, would be lovely. Don't need overly fancy stuff.

Horizontal picket fence - 1 in pickets, western red cedar - we actually did this!

You're here, and when you go through them, you're there. They're beautiful, meaningful or just fun. They're doors, roads, bridges, corridors, wardrobes, or event horizons. They're portals.

DIY Splash Pad: 7 Genius Hacks

My children are older but would love some of these ideas! Beat the heat and win summer with any one (or a combination of), these amazing sprinkler and splash-pad style DIYs!

8 Tire Upcycles You Haven’t Thought Of

So you’ve probably considered turning that tire into a tire swing, but what about upcycling an old tire into a table and ottoman set, a planter, or a dog bed? These great DIY projects are clever, creative, useful, and so fun! Whether you use your tires for your house or your yard, you and your kids will enjoy having unique décor and seating for your home.