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Few trends shaped 2012 as profoundly as the growth of mobile apps, and gaming apps in particular. This year, apps generated about $10 billion in revenue -- and a staggering 80% of this went to games, according to new estimates from mobile analytics firm Flurry.

The time has come to implement a next-generation VoC Command Center to holistically manage all feedback channels. Structured feedback: Surveys, web experience data, and churn signals are mostly data that can be easily processed with conventional information systems. Unstructured feedback: In their raw form, text, speech, and social media need help from analytic tools to become actionable information.

Almost seven out of ten marketers plan to use YouTube, down from 76% in 2012. YouTube is often missed in social media statistics since many of the major analytics firms consider it to be a video site. In addition to being the number two social media site, YouTube is the second largest search site after Google.

Mobile users are spending more time than ever with apps, according to a new study. The report from app analytics and advertising firm Flurry...

“The Great Recession was the result not only of lax regulation in Washington and reckless risk-taking on Wall Street but also of faulty theo...

Executives at mid-market companies are becoming actively involved in technology decisions and those businesses are prioritizing investments in analytics and cloud.

Here's what tech industry execs are most excited about

The mobile revolution may be an eight-year-old story by now, but tech execs still think mobile is the number one opportunity for growth over the next 24 months. Consulting firm KPMG talked to 111 tech execs to see what they're excited about. As this chart from Statista shows, health care and data analytics are nipping at the mobile revolution's

“predictive analytics helps in segmenting customers, finding patterns in their behavior, offering them the promotions that they would be likely to respond to, and predicting what customers would likely churn,

An Algorithm to Pick Startup Winners

The $1.25 million was a follow-on investment from Correlation Ventures, which calls itself a "new breed of venture capital firm"—one driven by predictive analytics software built over the last six years by founder Coats and his partner Trevor Kienzle. The effort adds efficiency to the investment process.

Surprise, In-App Purchase Behavior Peaks Before The Workday Even Starts [Study]

Turns out users aren’t using their lunch breaks to make in-app purchases. Whether it be in games, retail, travel or other commerce apps, users are much more likely to make purchases before and after work, according to a study from AppLovin and TUNE. AppLovin, a marketing automation and analytics platform, and attribution firm TUNE studied millions of transactions and billions of data points on US mobile users from the first quarter of 2015 to understand how in-app purchase behavior differs…