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Students need to know that the number one way to show you care is to be patient... in the lunch line, waiting to be called on by the teacher, waiting for their turn on the recess swing. Keep your cool and show love at school, BE PATIENT! Keep this around as a reminder for them and maybe for you too :)

Open Your Mind colored poster

Learning is magic, it holds great power. When you open yourself up to what you are being taught, you are opening up a world of endless possibilities. There is a time for rain and a time for shine in learning. The rain is what the teachers sprinkle into you and the magic rainbow is what is produced when learning comes to light!

Its Called Artwork because it's Work

An image for your classroom. Help students see what they do as actual work! This image is a .pdf. It can be printed as a small poster or the file can be taken to a print/office supply store and enlarged to poster size.

Respect the Lives of your Supplies color sheet

Handing this out to students before you begin a big project that requires lots of tools will reinforce the importance of proper supply treatment. Go through each supply on the sheet and explain the do's and don'ts of how to treat them. Then, they can color them and the rules will "stick like glue"!