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Optomec's LENS 3D Printers

Optomec's LENS 3D Printers - Fabbaloo Blog - Fabbaloo - Daily News on 3D Printing

10 innovations in 3d printing -

Almco Offers Speedy Post-Processing Cabinets for 3D Printing Workflows

LUXeXcel Enables 3D Printed Lighting Design with OPTIS CAD By Michael Molitch-Hou At this time LUXeXcel is the only firm to offer 3D printed optics on demand but the Dutch company still has to manage the task of making design for 3D printing an accessible process. To do this the company announced that software from trinckle would enable the design of certain lenses. Now the LUXeXcel is bringing the benefits of 3D printing to those who already work with CAD. By partnering with optical CAD…

Inside 2015’s Inside 3D Printing & RoboUniverse in Seoul – Day 2. openscreator cardboard exterior 3D printer at inside 3D printing seoul 2

Citius, altius, fortius ! L'impression 3D est elle en train de sortir du Hype ? Les industriels souhaitent avoir des imprimantes plus rapides et multi-impressions. Google en relation avec 3D Systems propose une solution performante pour créer ses futurs téléphones. ||| Plus d'infos. |||

Color Speed Temperature and Age: How Do These Factors Influence the Outcome? By Tyler Koslow When 3D printing objects with a particular focus one may think long and hard about which printer and filament would be ideal for their project. Higher quality 3D printers and sturdier print material can readily be invested in but we still know very little about how external factors such as color print speed extrusion temperature and even age effect the outcome of these additive manufactured…