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Pornhub's Wearable Tech Offering with The "Wankband"

Pornhub's Wearable Tech Offering with The "Wankband"… What to say…. what to say… I think we've solved the energy crisis.

A portable robotic printer that’s so small it fits inside your pocket

UnMask Displays Facial Expressions From Behind the Mask

Arduino board senses facial expressions to a LED board. Other applications? Maybe connect it to your phones bluetooth and be able to count your smiles in a day thru an app? Compare with people in your area? Where do people smile more?

diffraction foil fore-edge printing process on the outside edges. I think theres a unicorn squashed between the layers

Perch's Interactive Displays Could Change the Way You Shop for Shoes [VIDEO]

Snap Me Up is an Alarm Clock app that requires you to make a selfie of yourself to turn the damn thing off. It stores all your 'just woken up' selfless to feed your self-loathing.