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Lima, Peru.

Lima -- I remember seeing all of the partially finished houses, with crow-bar sticking up everywhere. It was so ALIVE. I was told they would use their money for braces for the kids or whatever, then continue to build the house when they could... these homes look a bit "nicer" than what I remember...

Beau Brummell's Greatcoat, c. 1803 (Two Nerdy History Girls)

Favor energy flow by paying attention to details. Tongue position is one of these details, it connects two important energy vessels.

The Coppertone Girl Is a Little Creepy, Right? Just a Little?

Dear Santa, I'll pay good money for your list of naughty boys! - retro - Christmas - funny - naughty boys

83 Wacky Handbag Designs

Shape-Shifting Bags - The Omni Bag by Kumeko is Inspired by the Art of Origami (GALLERY)

Sea Foam Green. Doesn't quite fit in my "Turquoise and Aqua-ish category, but I like it here. It looks good among the rest of the pins here.

“I very much wanted to pay tribute to the finest sentiments. The red carpet collection is sparkling with shimmering colors, including bright red accents like the fire of passion, as well as heart-shaped precious stones, one of my favourite cuts.” – Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-President