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"Pitágoras Dijo: Dios Geometriza"... "Por medio del Sonido" >De acuerdo con esto se puede deducir que los sonidos están determinados por los principios absolutos de las matemáticas<. Cuando el cerebro izquierdo (la mente) comprende estas verdades y son experimentadas a través del cerebro derecho (el corazón), emerge un mundo totalmente nuevo.

STAR GATES: 30.000- 40.000 YEARS OLD PYRAMIDS IN BOSNIA?? AND MANY TIMES LARGER THAN PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT AREA. pyramids, located in europe, could be the first pyramid on earth. main stream science tells us that no civilzations existed before 10,000-12,000 years ago. WHAT DO YOU SEE??? WHAT DO YOU THINK??? WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT ALL THESE PYRAMIDS AROUND THE PLANET EARTH??? WHAT IS THE SECRET??

Follow: @xthirdeye Alchemical Cosmology - The Seven Heavenly Wanderers ㅤ There are seven clearly visible wandering bodies. They can be arranged around a heptagon in order of their apparent speed against the background stars. Our Moon appears to move fastest, followed by Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and then slowest, Saturn. ㅤ In antiquity the seven 'planets' were assigned to the days of the week according to the order of the heptagon. Metals were associated with these seven heavenly b

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