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I was looking hopeless romantic as I always heard it used in the " oh that person falls in love with everyone " kind of way , and so I hear it from you sometimes and I'm like " I don't do that " lol ... I adore you though my love * kisses your chin *

ok, you can kiss me all the time, but i love the sound of this... oh, i want a part "fairy tale", i want it exactly the way only "we" can be... i believe in that... in you. in us.

I hate when we have to be apart for a little while ): some people don't like talking to their significant other 24/7 or feel like it's not needed, but if I'm not talking to you, I just get anxious. It's terrible. I miss you right up to the second we get to talk again. It's ridiculous, but proof that I truly do need you.

Be happy with who you are where you are in life. Love yourself and find out who you wanna be. Everything else will work out in its own time. No sooner. No later. So don't sit there and wait get up and out and enjoy the world and everything in it.