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who the f could run 8 kilometers in 30 seconds?

Boys being boys

Why boys need parents

Funny pictures about Why boys need parents. Oh, and cool pics about Why boys need parents. Also, Why boys need parents.

There was such satisfaction in slamming a flip phone... Oh.  It's so true.

Today's kids will never know the feeling of slamming your phone shut after an argument. Now all you can do is poke your screen in an angry rage


Did you know that semen comes out at over 20 mph? Carol didn't, but she does now.

Ummmm, I seriously do this... Especially in the tanning bed so I can gauge when to flip over.  Lol.

Inspiring picture black and white, funny, song, songs, text. Find the picture to your taste!

lol the "I want to grow up to be a dog" kid.  But seriously kids are so messed up...

"I like me because fire truck" "I only wanted to meet the Spice Girls" Lololololol

Come on don't be shy... Who out there uses me as the subject? Haha

You’re Somebody’s Reason To Smile

how i start off my tuesday morning... reading who's line is it anyway quotes

Lol - KWEJK.pl

Whose line is it anyway. Things you can say to your dog but not your girlfriend--I love these guys.

Some Hilarity from George Takai's Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/georgehtakei

every time! In fact, that's Jaxon's new thing lately. He's discovered and learned that you say "hello/bye bye" into it. I answer the toy phone at least 10 times a day lol.

Facebook 2.0

Yes needed badly!