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"I am tge Elder King: Melkor first and mightiest of all the Valar, who was before the world and made it. The shadow of my purpose lies upon Arda, and all that is in it bends slowly and surely to my will. But upon all whom you love my thought shall weigh as a cloud of doom, and shall bring them into despair - wherever they go, evil shall arise, whatever they do shall turn against them, they shall die without hope."

from Laughing Squid

Photographer Uses the Eyes of the Animals She’s Posing With as Her Own in a Playful Portrait Series

In Greek mythology, Echidna, "She-Viper", was half beautiful maiden and half fearsome snake. Hesiod described "the goddess fierce Echidna" as a flesh eating "monster, irresistible", who was like neither "mortal men" nor "the undying gods", but was "half a nymph with glancing eyes and fair cheeks, and half again a huge snake, great and awful, with speckled skin", who "dies not nor grows old all her days."

Túrin was the son of Húrin Thalion, Lord of the Folk of Hador, and Morwen Eledhwen of the House of Bëor. He was born in the month of Gwaeron (March) of the Year of the Sun 464. He had a younger sister, Lalaith, but she died of a plague at the age of three, when a pestilent wind came from Angband. Túrin was also taken sick at that time, but recovered. His closest childhood friend was Sador One-foot.

My TANK GIRL 'Gluedo' helmet made for my birthday by the insane DIE MORTAL crew. They make everything from props to custom kigus. This helmet was based on a TANK GIRL pin-up I did for SUICIDE GIRLS. XXX Rufus Dayglo