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You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you're sad, love what you've got and remember what you had....

You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you are sad, love what you've got and remember what you had. So True!

being strong isn't the same as being invincible, we all need encouragement!

I am a strong person but every now & then I need someone to take my hand & say everything will be alright. We all need a helping hand.

Wise wordplay w/I being super cheesy... Well said!

this is amazing. Life is like a camera. Just focus on whats important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things dont work out, just take another shot.

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If you know my friends, you know this is true. I have my blood family and my chosen family. sometimes I even like my chosen family more.

<3 <3 So true and this is for everyone not just me Stay strong in God and Give Thank's to the one who truly deserve's our lord Jesus Christ and are Father in Heaven God <3 <3 Thank You God for blessing me and my life and Family <3 <3 Christian Life Quotes and Sayings | learned-from-life-strong-wise-quotes-sayings-pics-quote-pictures.jpg

I’m stronger because I had to be. I’m smarter because of my mistakes. I’m happier because I have overcome the sadness I’ve known and I’m wiser because I have learned from my life.

Kuweight 64: COURAGE - JUST 20 SECONDS OF IT One of my new faves

20 seconds of insane courage, embarrassing bravery. From one of my favorite movies- We Bought a Zoo!


Truth -- seeing my husband play with our kids, is the most attractive thing EVER.

Ductape and Pearls Stubborn. Strong willed. Woman.

I was born to be stubborn; To be a little bit bitchy; To push people; To push myself; I was taught never to take life for granted; To live a little; To love w everything I had; To never give up; To believe in myself; But most of all; To fight for myself