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Narwhal || This toothed whale, found in the arctic, has been valued for over 1000 years by the Inuit people for its meat and ivory. The narwhal, however, is especially sensitive to the climate change.

Yufei Li Winged Migration Bird Migration is one of the most fascinating aspects of the avian world. Twice a year, billions of birds migrate vast distances across the mediterranean. From Europe to Africa, the birds’ journey across transcending landscapes. Along their flyways, many of the migratory species are in decline, assailed by multiple threats, while the climate change alters their natural sense of navigation and time control.

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NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech by Trevor Pott | interesting article on the NSA privacy scandal

Biospheres is the name of an amazing installation of Tomas Saraceno for the exhibition Rethink Relations, Contemporary art and climate change in the National Gallery of Denmark.

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Brits put life in limbo due to current economic climate NESCAFE