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Narwhal || This toothed whale, found in the arctic, has been valued for over 1000 years by the Inuit people for its meat and ivory. The narwhal, however, is especially sensitive to the climate change.

Yufei Li Winged Migration Bird Migration is one of the most fascinating aspects of the avian world. Twice a year, billions of birds migrate vast distances across the mediterranean. From Europe to Africa, the birds’ journey across transcending landscapes. Along their flyways, many of the migratory species are in decline, assailed by multiple threats, while the climate change alters their natural sense of navigation and time control.

NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech by Trevor Pott | interesting article on the NSA privacy scandal

London, UK

London, UK - Search... HOME ABOUT AMEG LINKS / RESOURCES CONTACT US RELATED VIDEOS FAQ NEWS ameg map Register For News Updates: WHY EMERGENCY? ARCTIC WARMING SEA ICE METHANE IMPACT TAKING ACTION Arctic Sea Ice - Methane Release - Planetary Emergency Government response to Environmental Audit Committee report based on non-existing observations, says AMEG AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, hereby formally complains to the UK government that the observations to which they refer in…

National Geographic images capture the effects of climate change

A lost polar bear searching for snow, receding glaciers and a country ravaged by floods: National Geographic photographers capture the devastating effects of climate change around the world Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

The extreme drought caused by the El Niño as a result of climate change has forced Zimbabwe to think up extreme solutions. Zimbabwe no longer has the resources to provide for all of the wild animals the country holds so Zimbabwe is looking to sell some of those wonderful creatures that inhabit the country. According to Zimbabwe this is to protect and conserve the animals not harm them in any way. Thus the search has begun for suitable safe and caring homes. Just one of the many reasons…