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Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bread

31 Easy Quick Bread Recipes - Serve fresh, home-baked bread even if you’re pressed for time. From everyone’s favorite banana nut to zucchini or lemon to jalapeno buttermilk, these 31 quick bread recipes are ready in an hour or less. No kneading required!

Snickerdoodle Bread

The recipe made 18 muffins and cooked for 18 minutes. They're delicious! Snickerdoodle Bread - Bread that tastes like snickerdoodle cookies!! Loaded with cinnamon chips and a cinnamon-sugar crust! Delish!!!

Mozzarella Pepperoni Bread

ermigawd yum. Pepperoni french bread pizza! This is SUPER easy and a great idea for a quick meal night. My recomendation is that you cut the slices all the way through instead of leaving them attached, works out better for placing the toppings and cheese.

The Bread

Pioneer Woman - "THE Bread" Whenever I have a friend or family member over for dinner, they will ask the following question: “Are you making The Bread?” And I always smile and say: “Yes. I am making The Bread.” I smile because it’s a foregone conclusion that I will be making The Bread. I smile because The Bread is so darn delicious and no one who tastes it can believe it contains only two ingredients. Prep Time: 5 Minutes | Cook Time: 15 Minutes | Difficulty: Easy…