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Day 4 is here and back and biceps is what we are hammering today. I hope you all had a great day of Active Rest and did some form of cardio that got your heart rate going and your body moving, but today we are picking up the weights again and shaping a sculpted back …

8 Week Body Transformation Day 2: Chest and Triceps (Fitness Food Diva)

Build Bigger Biceps

Build bigger biceps with this one trick Here we go Day 12 Back and Biceps, we are almost done with week 2 and I feel like it is flying by. I hope your legs are sore today, but they will be even more sore tomorrow (thumbs up!) Ok, moving on.. Today we are hammering out 6 exercises, 3 for our back and …

8 Week Body Transformation: Day 54 LEGS (Fitness Food Diva)

It’s Day 26 and Legs and Abs are our focus today. We are going to be burning out those hamstrings and quads so make sure to stretch and get your legs loose. Right out of the gates we are hitting it hard with 3 sets of 85 reps of leg press. I demonstrate in the …

Today is the beginning of Week 6 or this 8 Wee Body Transformation! Only 3 weeks left to get moving and feel the burn. Today we are going to start the week off with our shoulders, my FAVE! Today we are going to be doing one warm up set for each exercise to really warm...Read More »

Pretzels and Gumdrops 3D Geometry Shapes Snack Fun! We had so much fun with this today! I found this idea on Pinterest, but I'm not sure who to credit it to. Let me know if it's you!

Build Bigger Biceps

Build bigger biceps with this one trick It’s time to bust through our back and bicep workout! Today I am going to start again with 20 minutes of cardio, then go into my reverse ab crunches and be nice and warmed up for BACK and BICEPS!! Today we have 4 back exercises which we will do 4 set of each exercise, but...Read More »

Ok, it is the last workout of this sixth week body transformation! You have put a lot of effort in this week, with only one active rest day. Today we are finishing off the week with another Chest and Tricep workout. We have ab twists to start and finish the workout and 3 exercises for...Read More »