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Basic Beef Baby Puree

organic baby and toddler food recipes, homemade, healthy. Finger foods, snacks, healthy family dinners.

My family and I have an obsession with Shark week! We played games and made shark/ocean themed food. Here is one game- 'Pin The Fin' LOL

Almond Milk Yogurt Baby Food Recipe

Almond Milk Yogurt Baby Food Recipe from @sagespoonfuls - this is perfect for babies and toddlers with dairy allergies! #babyfood

Baby food recipe Apple, Banana & Cinnamon - rice porridge from Little Mashies reusable food pouches. For free recipe ebook go to Little Mashies website or Amazon

Carrot + Mango + Apricot Puree

Celebrate Halloween and all of Fall with this bright orange baby food puree that is filled with carrots, mangos and dried apricots. All of the orange produce provides your little pumpkin with a big dose of beta-carotene that helps promote their immune system by making it stronger as it develops and grows. But that is not all, beta-carotene also promotes good vision, prevents certain cancers and reduces asthma triggered by exercise. Not to mention that the very best part - this puree…