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Nova Journey Rolling Walker -
Soak and Strain Washing Bowl ... #gift #wishlist #products I love
This is the hammock that shields you from pesky mosquitoes and insects while you sway comfortably. The hammock is covered by a canopy with four sides comprised of super-fine, nylon netting that keeps out mosquitoes while still allowing cooling cross breezes. #fathersday #giftsfordad
Smart ideas
We love seeing the clever ways that people have taken IKEA products and either put them to new uses or made them into something different entirely — and it's especially inspiring to see how people have repurposed IKEA pieces to make life a little easier in a small space. Here are twelve clever ideas to help you make the most of your little space.
30+ Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know---Hang Products from a curtain Rod
A cover that'll make your keyboard look so freaking pretty (plus help prevent dust build-up, worn keys, and liquid damage issues from spills).
LED Color Changing Showerhead Brightens Up Your Bathing Experience    ---  from InventorSpot.com --- for the coolest new products and wackiest inventions.
I find the new year stirs up some deep desire to organize…well…everything in my house. The place that I feel the most cluttered is my vanity. Now lets be honest here, when you have a lot of beauty products its hard to organize. Especially when you are like me, a chameleon, and like to try …
The Exploded Chair ushers in a new age for Design, an age of Form following Expression! Functionally still a chair, the Exploded Chair is a visual break-down of the very idea of the chair. Taking a wooden chair and splitting it into its various parts, and then putting those parts into separate acrylic boxes.