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Dan Stevens, he'll be playing Prince Adam aka Beast in the live action Beauty and the Beast....also, he's from Downton Abbey

Gaara, he's so adorable just look at his eyes omg (1) (<<I'm numbering mine for the heck of it no one else has to)


30 creative, fashion and unique necklaces for women

This is so pretty!! Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast

When I was little...knew a fam who rented a castle 4 their 18 children. It wasn't this dark in color. The father was the grand nephew of Franz Lizst (sp?) and the mother had been childhood neighbors of Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor from Hungary. We played in the tower & the village kids would throw apples @ us. Painful! Don't throw apples!!!

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The Beast

"The Beast" by lalakay on Polyvore DisneyBound

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HG445 Charming Prom Dress,Appliques

Gorgeous Yellow Gold Bridal Wedding Dress

My only gripe: Why the hell is he shown as darker than she is? I hope the idea is that he's an archetypal white, tanned dudebro, and not that he's a HORRIBLE guy of color picking on some POOR, POOR white girl.

Frederik The Great, a stunning Friesian Stallion with the incredible mane!

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Photographer Captures the Wild Beauty and Elegance of Horses

Horses can be one of the hardest subjects to photograph, but Wiebke Haas | animal photography manages to capture their wild beauty in elegant portraits.