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First of all, this is so well drawn. Second: I really love Sips' let's play on Don't Starve. It's hilarious.

kaorien:I’ve been wanting to draw this lucky blocks scene since that video came out, but been so busy… but well. I’m still busy, just procrastinating because I was too tired but even something kinda messy and rough like this took a lot out of me orz.But yeah, Rythian~ I haven’t drawn him in ages, happy to really see him in things like Lucky Blocks, and Cornerstone and such.

luvianblue: -I will be there when The End comes- Magic, Justice, Vengeance, Secrets, Redemption, New Beginnings Ohey, it’s a Rythian in stained glass. He’s a saint or a guardian or a god or something I guess. Finally did a proper border. Also changed some things. Rythian still doesn’t have a halo, but now he has smoke coming from his eyes.