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Fukushima decommissioning slip-up could trigger monumental chain reaction, expert warns...OCT 31, 2013

Tsunami - Causes, Characteristics, Effects, Facts and Preventations

The given presentation is prepared on “TSUNAMI” to assist teachers in their environment or earth science lession. Though word ‘TSUNAMI’ is not new for all but at primary and elementary level, the kids should get familiarized with such kind of disasters with some basic idea.

A Tsunami of Trash Reaches Our Shores Every Year

On a recent trip to the coast we picked up @ 50 lbs of debris. Most of it is a danger to birds & sea creatures. Items you don't dispose of properly end up in our oceans! Please help! And if you see litter, pick it up & dispose of it the right way.

2,000-Year-Old Seed Sprouts, Sapling Is Thriving

2,000-Year-Old Date Palm Seed Sprouts, Sapling Is Thriving! This extinct species of Palm was discovered at an archeological site in Israel back in the 70's and recently germinated...amazing!!

beach invasion - Otter Rock Oregon - Plastic is as ubiquitous as sand. This was from about a year before the Japanese Tsunami. It's the normal everyday state of the ocean not the aftermath of a catastrophe | Photo by Jason Karn on Flickr | Permission: CC BY-ND 2.0