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Green Roofs - Projects

Green roof over distribution center in Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart

In summer the low growing and diverse blanket of green roof plants are like small air conditioners for the heat sensitive PV elements.

Solar Energy and Green Roofs - Hmmm? Would want veggies though.

corridor for wildlife

Chinese Wildlife Corridor -- Sustainable Design takes into account the human interaction with other species.

green roof

Green roofs aren't just for farmers' homes—see how they improve city environments.

Largest Green Roof in Canada-Even the footings sunk into the water below it will foster the growth of marine life. In terms of style and ambition, this project is set to outdo the largest green roof in the world, a ford plant in Michigan. Want more green? See related articles on bizarre green art and creative guerilla gardening.

8 Great Green Roofs: Brief History of Eco-Roofing Systems