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Practical Hadoop Migration: How to Integrate Your RDBMS with the Hadoop Ecosystem and Re-Architect Relational Applications to NoSQL by Bhushan Lakhe

Practical Hadoop Ecosystem: A Definitive Guide to Hadoop-Related Frameworks and Tools

from Gigaom

The Hadoop ecosystem: the (welcome) elephant in the room (infographic)

How big an impact has Hadoop had on the technology world? Check out our infographic on the reach of the most important big data tool of our time.

In case you are looking for books, here we have shortlisted 5 books for Big Data Hadoop in this blog. Some of these are for beginners, whereas others are centralized on experienced map reduce programmers as well as big data developers to understand this particular solution in detail. The ecosystem of Hadoop is vast and may take a little long to learn. Hence, people for whom it’s a new thing must start with Hadoop books for beginners.

from InfoWorld

18 essential Hadoop tools for crunching big data

Making the most of this powerful MapReduce platform means mastering a vibrant ecosystem of quickly evolving code.

Pro Apache Hadoop - Exclusive Book Review Hadoop is the best available tool for processing big data. Many information technology companies are dealing with petabytes of data and traditional approaches are not scaling to the limit. Hadoop has helped many organization by simplifying the large data management. Many organization now also have a dedicated Big Data Architect position to deal with large data problems. Learning hadoop is not cakewalk. Its a huge ecosystem of multiple co-related…