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BRIDE OF FIRE. Not one official poster for the film exists and the movie is hard to find. I'm friends with Sinai the director and he gave me the DVD but seek this movie out. It's one of the greats!

Iran: The Past (2013) Director: Asghar Farhadi A mixed marriage between an Iranian man and a French woman ends when the man leaves the woman to return to his home country. As his wife files for a divorce, he returns to France to find out she's living with another man and things get complicated.

We have all dreamed of having superhuman powers like the ability to fly, control minds, or run fast. Unfortunately, the only people that have these types of powers are superheroes like superman, batman, Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, This Man Is Being Called The Real Life Hulk! After watching films like ‘The Avengers’, …

Persepolis: A fascinating and truly unique animated film about a girl growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. The story follows the girl as she grows up and struggles with her identity as a woman and an Iranian in a modern world.


7 Childhood Movies That Motherhood Changed For Me

With the anniversary of the hit movie Back to the Future approaching, Universal is re-releasing the movie on blu-ray on October This is the date is particularly special as it is that day that Doc Brown and Marty McFly visit in Back to the Future Part II

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LOOK: Iranian Film About U.S. Prisoner Release Shows Pallet of Cash

Nancy Hayes - Donald Trump gets attacked by the MSM for even mentioning a video exists as proof of Obama's "pallets of cash" delivery to Iran for hostages. Turns out, there is a video and it was produced by Iran as a documentary.

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Circumstance (2011)

Circumstance - a powerful film especially when you realize that the actors and everyone involved with the film will no longer be allowed to return to their country of origin. In the vein of "1,000 Splendid Suns", an eye-opening look at the lack of human rights that still exists in our world.