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I hate having social anxiety; I have to mentally prepare myself for ten minutes just to say "here" during attendance.

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26 Quotes about Fake Friends with Images

Those Friends That Try To Do What You Do For "Acceptance" .. Cut The Shit And Be Real With Me.

"Currently somewhere in between "damn i need a bf" and "nah im a strong independent woman who dont need no man""

I wish my life had a narrator that could explain WTF is going on

I am a lazy perfectionist Basically I throw my laundry on the floor but in…

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The 53 Most Delish Banana Breads

We can't resist a buttery, crumb topping. Get the recipe from Little Bits of Real Food & Real Talk. -

Guys, when I say NO, I'm not playing HARD TO GET. It just means NO, I'M NOT INTERESTED.

I get picked on often because I dont talk a lot. I hate when ppl say "you're way too quiet", you're way too loud, leave me alone