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Storm troopers playing joke on Dark Vader replacing the oxygen cylinders for helium.

Melhor Livro // Vader's Little Princess

Vader's Little Princess

Vader’s Little Princess // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I read this book it was great.

Hahaha kinda lame but anything to make a day a little brighter.

it must have cost you an arm and a leg. Bwahaha star wars vader and ben kenobi shameless nerd.

Im sorry, theres some ahem..."colorful" stuff but its just so funny!

The very best of Star Wars memes

If Dr. Suess Wrote Star Wars

Suess Wrote Star Wars @ Amy Armellino Kriska thought you might like this :)

I will finish what you started calvin hobbes comic darth vader kylo ren cake raspberry maybe cute adorable

Dr. Seuss meets Start Wars

25+ Star Wars Day

Star Wars humor

Caroling with Yoda

Arch-Nemeses. LOL.


Funny pictures about Arch-Nemeses. Oh, and cool pics about Arch-Nemeses. Also, Arch-Nemeses photos.

Ha ha ha Haas!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens mashed up with Calvin & Hobbes by Walt Disney Animation Studios story artist Brian Kesinger.