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Made a puppet theatre- used chalkboard paint on cardboard so the kids can decorate it ;)

LEGOS: 75+ Ideas, Tips and Hacks

Lego activities, hacks, & organizing tips for kids. Tons of ideas!

Great site for fun summer activities for kids. Reminds me of summers spent at my aunts house! She would MAKE huge wands with rope and we'd make bubbles bigger then our(kid)selves. They were fantastic! And years later, I find that Dawn Dish Liquid keeps the bugs away! Truth right there! Keeps kids busy so they dont 'bug' us! =)

dry erase workbook: this was great! the kids stayed quiet for a long stretch (until they started fighting over markers) and i found I.B. some large letters that he loves tracing. we used washable markers that just wiped off with a damp cloth. we don't use regular dry erase markers in our house anymore because they stain clothes and hands and arms and bellies . . .

Obstacle Courses for Sensory Input (From Objects You have at Home!)

Looking to get more sensory input, especially for vestibular and proprioceptive needs? Try these Sensory Obstacle Courses made from objects you probably already have lying around your house. Find out what types of activities to include in a well rounded sensory therapy session.