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When we display our product, we make sure there's plenty of it to make an impression.

Our Beautiful Herb Garden Candle Display at the Honey House

This was fun with the oversized wine glasses and glass pebbles. The display catches your attention and draws you in.

Lots of ways to display our lollipops. These jars weren't expensive and they fit the pops perfectly. Take one with you to the store when you shop for the right vessel.

In this display we are using cake plates in various sizes and height to add visual interest. Notice how the small samplers invite you in.

With help from a friend who had lots of sanding equipment, we took this spool and transformed it to a display table.

Front view of our honey wall, we change the upper shelve with holiday themed relics. We group our products allowing room for the eye to rest.

Sweet Lips Natural Lip Balm displayed in an over-sized wine glass. Check back for more display ideas.