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✠ HitlerJugend: In 1922 the Nazi Party established its official youth organization called 'Jugendbund der NSDAP'. In April 1924 it beacame the 'Grossdeutsche Jugendbewegung' (Greater German Youth Movement). On 4 July 1926, this was in turn officially renamed 'Hitler Jugend Bund der deutschen Arbeiterjugend', (Hitler Youth League of German Worker Youth). The architect of the re-organisation was Kurt Gruber, a law student from Plauen in Saxony.

I wonder what happened with this.... I sure bet all those neighbors were getting kinda anxious about the prospect of having to sell their homes and move once those "dreaded" black people moved in, just like they did in South Side Chicago and pretty much everywhere else....

Paula Hitler (January 21, 1896 - June 1, 1960) - Sister of German dictator Adolf Hitler (8 yrs. younger). Their parents had both died by the time she was 11. She worked as a secretary till being fired when employer learned she was Hitler's sister.

Urânia - José Galisi Filho: Schwarze Sonne - Die Macht der Mythen und ihr Missbrauch en Nationalsozialismus und rechter esotérica (Buch + DVD) von Rüdiger Sünner