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Give visitors a shimmery scare with delicate glitter-glue designs drawn right on glass. #Halloween

We’ve got seven spooky ideas for family-friendly #Halloween decorations — with directions that won’t scare you.

No need to be scared: You can use packaged cookie mix to make the base for these little ghosts. Semi-melted marshmallows and frosting are all you need to complete the spooky look. #Halloween

Add a little pizzazz to your mantelpiece with these adorable jars, or keep them by the door and use them as trick-or-treat bowls. #Halloween #Craft

This magnetic calendar holds 31 favor tins, each containing a different activity, joke, or treat. #Halloween #Craft

Decorate your humble abode with any or all of these spooky #printables designed for you and your little monster. #Halloween

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