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The proper setting up of the individual self

The proper setting up of the individual self

Minerva's behaviors: As Minerva got older, She joined a resistance against Trujillo.She began to sneak out of the nun school in order to have secret meetings. Minerva was very secretive and shady. In conclusion, Minerva is independent an firm.She will stand her ground and fight what she believe in, no matter what it takes.

(CTC Patria) Step "He had to brake so as not to run into them, and that's when one of the women - I think it must have been Patria, "the short, plump one".

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CTC Step 1: "Yes, for sure, our Dede here is going to be the millionaire in the family." This quote gives us an idea of what type of character Dede is. It is well known that millionaires are often intelligent, and quick-witted individuals. The author used "showing not telling" to get their ideas across.

CTC-Minerva-Step "Minerva says a soul is like a deep longing in you that you can never fill up, but you try" (Alvarez This quote shows that Minerva is a deep thinker.

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ctc 2:" so the woman has not read any articles or biographies around. Dede is relieved"(Alvarez 6). This thought shows how every time their is an interview Dede doesn't want to replay those memories. she doesn't want to  continue to say what everyone knows

CtC 3 M "I turned in to the dirt path and crashed into the Ford, making the bumper curl up and shattering the window in back"(pg Minerva is crazy and hot headed because this text shows how far she will take to get her point across.

Since Trujillo is a dictator most people view him as evil or corrupt. He does live up to those expectation though

During his reign as dictator, Trujillo received tremendous political resistance. Many of Trujillo's opponents believed that the only way their voices would be heard would be through the use of violence and armed weapons.

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Figurative Language;Hyperbole."With all my heart,' Lina sighed. 'More than I love myself'"(Alvarez22).This is a hyperbole because she is over exaggerating about her love for  Trujillo. In this part of the story, Minerva is narrating what Lina does with Trujillo, and then asks her that  question. What she chose to say shows how she feels for Trujillo.

CTC step 4 Patria : " But a young lady . Full of yearning "( Alvarez This shows Patria realizing her body changing and showing that Patria has a nice body and giving her a pretty image. This makes the reader think of her as a very pretty lady.