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Prohibitive Diversion / Mona Lisa's many smiles


Bean Inserted Into Historical Portraits By Caricature Artist Rodney Pike


Isso é o que acontece quando as pinturas clássicas enlouquecem

Mona Lisa ladies’ night by Barry Kite photocollage

nuevo corte de cabello

after mona lisa Cover art for 'The History of Lesbian Hair' by Mary Dugger.

La Jostrong

Uncovering Mona Lisa's arms helps to explain her mysterious smile! Mona Lisa the Bodybuilder

Enkel Dika.

Trabalhos de Enkel Dika.

Long Lost Photo Found, Rumors of Mona Lisa Bloodline Connection to Rock Band Confirmed: Picture is proof that Mona Lisa was a cousin 3 times removed to Gene Simmons and obviously the source that inspired the "look & style" of the band known today as KISS.

Mona Lisa's Love [Jacqui Conias] (Gioconda / Mona Lisa)


Mona Lisa's Love by Jacqui Conias Art. Acrylic on canvas. Inspired by the beauty and bonds with loved ones.