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VALENTINES DAY EVENT!!! Well, it's not starting yet, BUT we must make preparations ! (OvO) we are going to have a ball, because they tend to be romantic! If you want, you can ask other members to be your date to the ball! The actual ball will be the

That was one of my favorite NaLu episodes aside from the one when Mirajane convinced Lucy that Natsu liked her \(//∇//)\

Appearance Height comparison of Fairy Tail Mages Young Laxus Laxus' first appearance, as depicted in the manga Laxus with his second attire from the manga Laxus' belt and Fairy Tail stamp, as shown during his fight with Natsu and Gajeel Laxus with his third attire from the manga Laxus' new clothes in X791 Laxus in the Grand Magic Games Black& White| Color| Title Covers Laxus, the possible next master? Lucy's imagination of the chain of command in Fairy Tail Laxus scares off the people...

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