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Explore Boiling Points, Simple Info and more!

A simple info graphic that illustrates the different boiling points for various substances.

Math Art Books to Amaze Kids (and their Grown-ups)

Explore the amazing power of mathematics and art with these math art books. The book list includes activities, project books, picture books and more.

Organic Chemistry Contributing to Flavours and Fragrances : Organic chemistry contributes to flavours and fragrances industry which are incorporated by manufacturers into a variety of consumer products

35 billion gallons of pollution enter the ocean ever single day, harming marine ecosystems and life. Today the ocean is more acidic than it has been in the last 800,000 years.

Artturi Ilmari Virtanen (1895-1973) | Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1945 "for his research and inventions in agricultural and nutrition chemistry, especially for his fodder preservation method" | Birthplace: Helsinki, Finland

Moldova Postage Stamps (Commemorative) 1996 № 211 | Marie Curie, Scientist (1867-1934) | Issue: EUROPA 1996 - Famous Women

... in a bunch of flowers: Morphine was first isolated from dried poppy resin in the early 1800s. It remains the best drug for relieving severe pain.