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These 25 Texts From Superheroes Are Just Perfect

These 25 Texts From Superheroes Are Just Perfect HOW THE HELL IS HE TEXTING THE LITTLE ASS HOW DID HE KNOW THERE WAS A PICTURE! FAKEFANS SO DUMB AND REAL ONES BE LIKE oh yes that shit is soooo true!!!?!? >>> cringe..... Some fan annoyed lol

Tell Me About Ultron

As a comic nerd girl, I have to hope that some guy dreams of a girl he doesn't HAVE to tell about Ultron though.

Someone Swapped The Genders Of The Avengers And It's Perfect

NO. WHO DID THIS. Loki has WAY too many facial expressions for that emotionless shell to be the fem version. Buncha idiots. Not perfect. I'd be a much better candidate lol

15 Times Coulson's Superpower Was Sass

And the award for 'Best character introduction in a TV Series' goes to Agent Phil Coulson - Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.