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Can I get a massage with that?

No monopoly money KK! Here are my rates. (I need to have this printed on wallet size pieces of paper and hand it out to everyone who wants a minute of my time.

Your Dog looks like a Giant, Furry….OH MY!

Wiener Dog

Puppy looks like a fuzzy penis.I've seen this several times and thought it was a pillow. Not funny. A dog.

Ghetto Tooth Fairy

I remember Baton Bob in Atlanta! He would be at the corner of Piedmont/Monroe at rush hour in a pink tutu.I loved it! but he is not a ghetto tooth fairy.

I hate when people ask other people if their kids are twins. I'd be all like, "No, your big NOSE just makes you see double." Gah.

Buy One, Get One - Twiniversity Funny

I am going to hang this on my front door, so everyone has fair warning.


This just cracks me up… National Sarcasm Society Tin Sign

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i will carry 17 grocery bags or die trying before making two trips It's a guy thing

Amy, number 11 made me laugh!

23 Adult Truths: If there's anything you want to read it's this.every single thing is true! Especially the last one for the ladies :)