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The BEST whole-house paint scheme that looks great in every lighting. Daylight will bring out the colors - beautiful blue-green in rainwashed, periwinkle in solitude, pretty purple in swanky gray...and then interior lighting at nighttime will bring out the grey undertones to create beautiful, calming colors. This is the perfect paint palette. Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Оригинал взят у toy_belle в маленький летний домик Баночка от детского питания+пг.Почти все слеплено из Studio Sculpey,первый раз с ним столкнулась.Сначала показался…

Always dreamed of having a house with the outdoors and indoors open to each other - having a small pool in the middle of a courtyard - greatness.

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Use hidden pull out panel below kitchen sink to store sponges and accessories.