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What does December hold for me? I did this reading with my TREASURE CASTING ORACLE so I could see lots of areas at once . The dice shows me I'll be asking how I can release the past and start over. The CUP is reversed also signifying release. It sits on top of the SKULL reversed suggesting I'll be able to release some minor worries and annoyances . We can also see PENNY next to PAPERCLIP showing more money coming in through work. There's also a new beginning or opportunity (FLOWER) and…

CCDD with Hands of an Angel Massage Therapy in South Dennis! At Hands of an Angel Massage Therapy I offer a wide variety of services that will help reduce tension and bring a greater sense of wellness into your life. Whether you're looking to relax, work out knots (or both), I can help! I customize each massage for each individual client, offering services such as hot stone massage, essential oils, body scrubs, reflexology, energy work, pre-natal massage, deep tissue, cupping, swedish, etc.

This cup mark is hollowed into the apex of an isosceles shaped sarsen stone that has been extensively worked on both sides, thus clarifying its meaning. The next image shows its other side.

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3 Healthy Juices to dissolve Kidney Stones That Really Work

Ann Louise breaks new ground in both traditional & holistic health. She shares the most effective diet and detox discoveries from her years of research you can become your own personal detective on the frontlines of your health.

How beautiful is this driveway? It's actually doable: It's made of glowstones mixed with gravel. Imagine driving home after a long day at work--awesome.

Foot Soak - I used Tom's mouth wash instead of Listerine so I did not have to worry about my feet getting stained some artificial color - Worked GREAT! !

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The Monarch of Crafts/Mixed Media Assemblage Art Doll

The Monarch of Crafts The Monarch of Crafts has escaped the monotony of the great hall to his private art room near the stables. He stands before his grand stone work table, cups his chin in the palm of his right hand, taps his index finger to his lips while mulling over the array of tools laid out before him. In the moment of inspiration he hastily places his scepter on the side table, cast his fur cloak over the top of it, and reaches down to embrace his favorite paintbrushes to begin…

"林拓児「化粧焼き締めマグカップ(太)」の詳細ページです。" ----- 'It is a work that feels a delicacy in the details.' -- 林 拓児 Takuji Hayashi