Jazz musicians Willie ‘The Lion’ Smith and Fats Waller look at letters in their hometown of Harlem, New York in May 1937 by Charles Peterson ”

The Cotton Club was a famous night club in New York City that operated during…

Tracy's New York Life | A New York City Lifestyle Blog: 10 Tips to Live Like a Cheapskate in New York City

Do You Belong In London Or New York? You got: NYC You’ve got big dreams and the drive to back them up – New York is where you should be. New York is a loud, fast-paced city, but you’ve got enough backbone to make it your home. Yes, it’s noisy, but there are so many different gems to discover that you’re bound to find a quiet space to call your own. And if it gets too much, you can easily escape upstate. Whether you find a brownstone in Brooklyn, or a walk-up on the Lower East Side, get your…

Which U.S. City Should You Live In Based On Would You Rather Questions? I got: New York City NYC has a lot to offer, like art, music, theater, and public transportation. It also has lots of excellent pizza. Pick whichever reason you like, but you probably belong in New York

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