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Sautéed Shrimp and Green Beans # food recipes

(#2) Slow Cooker Jambalaya (continued) Combine chicken, sausage, onion, green pepper, celery, tomatoes, garlic, chicken broth, spice mix, thyme, oregano into(5-quart) slow cooker. Cook low for 5 hours. Add shrimp & rice; raise to high, cook 30 minutes more. DON'T FORGET TO PIN (#1) FOR INGREDIENTS.

Greek shrimp and spinach pasta # food recipes

Rice with shrimps Ingredients: Rice — 200 g Cooked, frozen shrimp — 400 g Soy sauce — to taste Olive oil — to taste Ginger root — to taste Water — to taste Preparation: 1. In a heated pan with olive oil pour dry rice. Cook, stirring constantly. When the rice is ready, it will turn from transparent to white. 2. After that, pour in the rice a little boiling water and let simmer until tender. 3. Slice the root ginger and fry it on another pan, adding the soy sauce. Put back the shrimp and cook…

Shrimp Fiesta Quesadillas - who doesn't like delicious quesadillas? The ingredients here makes this quesadilla one of the best you'll ever try.

Skewers of shrimps with vegetables Ingredients: tiger shrimps - 200 g sweet pepper - 75 g onions - 75 g tomatoes cherry 75 g fresh basil - 15 grams lemon - 2-3 slices lettuce leaves - 2-3 pcs soy sauce - 1 tbsp black olives - 5 pcs italian herbs -1/4 tsp Preparation: 1. Shrimp cleaned from the shell, put on the grill, drizzle with oil, season with Italian herbs and bake until done. If you can not cook the shrimp on the grill, you can fry in a pan. 2. Onions and bulgarian pepper of…

Tartlets with shrimps Ingredients: Tartlets — 1 pack Shrimp — to taste Eggs — 4 PCs. Mozzarella cheese — 100 g Garlic — 1 clove Mayonnaise — 1-2 tbsp Preparation: 1. Boiled eggs RUB on a large grater, small cheese and garlic. 2. Connect the components and season with mayonnaise. The mass can lightly salt. 3. Arrange the tartlets on egg-cottage cheese mixture, then put the boiled shrimp. Bon appetit!

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